Flexible sensors for various innovative applications


Key enabler for flexible electronics applications

The Sensors Group at the FlexE Centre is developing state-of-the art flexible sensors and sensor systems with pattern recognition algorithms. The main objective of this group is to design and fabricate flexible sensors with new capabilities or improved performance and readout electronic circuits for novel usage scenarios. The main application areas include healthcare, food quality, environmental monitoring, industrial safety and security. Some of our current activities include flexible thermal sensors, flexible gas sensors, electrochemical sensors and microfluidic immunosensors.

Types of Sensors

  • Thermal sensors, Gas sensors, Electrochemical sensors, Microfluidic sensors, Ion sensitive field effect transistors

Technology Focus

  • Sensor device design and fabrication, sensor arrays and pattern recognition algorithms, multianalyte detection

Application Areas

  • Healthcare, environmental, biomedical and food packaging, medical, process engineering, safety

Exemplary Activities


Thermal sensors


Gas sensors


Electrochemical sensors


Microfluidic sensors

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