Functional Inks

A Key enabler for Printed Electronics

Conductive Ink

Key enabler for printed electronics

Functional inks are the key enabler for printed electronics applications. Electrodes in most of the devices are made up of conductive inks. Conductive inks are an important component of the ecosystem in the printed electronics applications like printed RFID antennas, smart tags, printed membrane keyboards, smart packages, security devices, print interconnects, data lines and many more.

As per market forecast, there is a huge demand for conductive inks in the commercial market. The number of companies offering products (conductive inks) is very less as compared to the market demand. The ecosystem of this technology has to be developed within India and is important to incubate industries within the country.

Current Specifications

  • Metal NP based inkjet & screen printable conductive inks
  • Conductivity comparable with metal
  • Low processing temperature
  • Suitable for flexible substrates

Facility Available

  • Printable ink tester for inkjet, gravure, flexography & screen printers
  • Basic chemistry lab facility for synthesis
  • Chemical characterization tools
  • Ink formulation & characterization tools

Process Flow Of Making Conductive Inks

  • Screen Printable
    Screen Printable Conductive Inks

    Formulation of conductive Ag and Cu inks, suitable for screen printing process, is also developed in-house. The material is stable in ambient conditions and there is no signature of metal oxidation before or after printing. The Ag conductive ink is suitable for paper with good adhesion and does not require any sintering. Printed copper ink has to be sintered using intense photon pulse to get the conductive path. The typical resistivity of a conductive metal film is in the order of 10-4 Ohm-cm

  • Conductive Inks Pen
    Conductive Inks Pen

    Conductive silver ink pen has been made using in-house developed Ag nanoparticle based ink. Conductive pen has the following salient features:

    i) Self-sintered ink
    ii) Suitable for glossy paper
    iii) Low cost

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