The centre’s printing equipment and labs are open to the industrial project partners of the Centre for testing out product manufacturing at the initial stages of project deployment.

Facilities available @ NCFlexE Centre

Building and Infrastructure

  • ○ Over 5000+ square meter area with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.
  • ○ Over 700 square meter Cleanroom area.
  • ○ One stop solution for flexible electronics.

Printing Infrastructure

    Printing facilities for Semiconductor device fabrication

  • ○ Sheet-to-sheet printing
  • ○ Roll-to-roll printing

Processing & Characterisation

    Complete set of processing equipment including evaporators, sputtering, PECVD, RIE and DRIE for inorganic material processing

Simulation Facility


Collaboration Floor

  • ○ Dedicated place for industry partners/collaborators
  • ○ Office & lab space for incubation
NCFlexE Centre

One stop solution for flexible electronics

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    • general-facilities2
    General Facilities
    • supporting-facilities1
    • supporting-facilities
    Supporting Facilities
    • vacuum-processing-facilities
    • vacuum-processing-facilities
    Vacuum Processing Facilities

    ○ Unique TFT fabrication facility.

    ○ Unique OLED fabrication facility.


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  • 100

    Dedicated People

  • 20

    Industry members

  • 75


  • Mask Writer
    Mask Writer
  • Rinse & Dry
    Rinse & Dry
  • In-line Inspection
    In-line Inspection
  • Dry Etching
    Dry Etching (Chlorine Chemistry)
  • Process Line
    Process Line
  • Precision Oven
    Precision Oven
  • Dry Etching
    Dry Etching (Fluorine chemistry)
  • Atomic Layer Deposition
    Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Wet-Etching
  • Contact Aligner
    Contact Aligner
  • Sputtering
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