Flexible Photovoltaic Devices - FlexPVTM

Developing sustainable, scalable, eco-friendly, flexible organic photovoltaic cells and modules.

Flexible Solar Cells

Key enabler for printed electronics applications

Flexible Photovoltaic Devices or FlexPVTM can be a convenient source of electrical power in a variety of real-life situations. At the NCFlexE Centre, we are targeting applications requiring mWs as in remote and distributed IoT systems, to tens of mWs for portable electronics, to several 10s of Ws where temporary stand-alone power generation systems are needed. We are having the capability to build small modules (sub-modules) on a variety of substrates including glass, plastics, paper, steel and the like. Our primary goal is to build these modules by the printing processes. We are open to custom design and working to develop power supply as per the needs of intended indoor and outdoor application.

Current Specifications

  • Module size active area > 100 cm2 on glass, paper and plastic paper substrates
  • Module efficiencies > 4% achieved under standard illuminations and > 6% for ‘cool white’ LED spectrum illumination
  • Lifetime > 75 days achieved under light stress of 1 sun in ambient conditions

Current Capabilities

  • Stable process (fabricated in several runs over several weeks) for devices, both cells and sub-modules, on glass and paper substrates
  • Processes with non-chlorinated solvents which are more eco-friendly
  • Printing/coating of different layers in solar cells with slot-die and other equipment
  • With commercially available molecules, small area device efficiencies > 8% demonstrated; shelf life > 1 year achieved

Working Towards

  • Building stand-alone and integrated systems with FlexPV technology
  • Building higher efficiency modules with novel molecules that become available
  • Make the fabrication process sustainable and environmentally benign
  • Understanding the science behind device reliability to achieve longer lifetime
  • Achieving high throughput printing process (roll to roll) for FlexPV

Target Applications

Light weight power generation source

Portable solar PV device on glass substrate

Portable solar PV device on flexible substrate

Portable solar PV device on paper substrate

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