Printed Batteries

Flexible/stretchable power sources for wearable, medical devices, environmental sensors, smart packaging, and smart cards.

Printed Batteries Collage

Key enabler for low-power flexible electronics

With the recent advancements in the field of flexible electronics, there is growing interest in thin, lightweight, and flexible energy storage devices. Active radio-frequency identification tags, integrated circuit smart cards, rollup displays and wearable devices require bendable or flexible batteries for durability in daily use. Zinc based rechargeable batteries can be a potential power source of the flexible devices NCFlexE, IIT Kanpur has successfully demonstrated flexible printed batteries. Current emphasis is on the development of flexible and stretchable electrodes, electrolytes and other battery components. Electrodes based on graphene, MXene are being developed for battery applications

  • Batteries for low-power flexible electronics
  • Thin, flexible, light-weight and in various shapes

Target Applications

Wearable Electronics, smart packaging and smart cards, decor

Wearable Electronics, smart packaging and smart cards, decor.

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