Flexible Electronic Axillary (armpit)
Thermometer (FEAT)

Flexible Electronic Axillary Thermometer

FEAT enables monitoring of temperature in patients in an easy and hygienic manner even while they may be asleep or unconscious. FEAT provides a digital record on the mobile or over the cloud and never runs out of battery.

In contrast to conventional thermometers, FEAT consists of two separate parts; a flexible patch worn by the patient and a cell phone based electronic reader. The patch is safe to wear over extended periods as it does not contain either a battery or a wireless source. The patch is low cost and can be either disposed or retained for reuse by the patient afterwards. The mobile based temperature reader provides the temperature reading instantaneously and recording, if required upon contact with the patch and can be used with multiple patients.

(A patent for the design has been filed and prototypes are ready for field trials)

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