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National Centre for Flexible Electronics was established in 2014 through a grant from Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) under ESDM scheme of Electronics Policy 2012 of Government of India and support from the Institute (IIT Kanpur).

  • 1600

    Outreach to companies in various sectors

  • 1000 m2+

    Cleanroom with facility for wet processing, lithography and bio-material processing.

  • 100+

    Highly skilled and culturally diverse team



We seek national and international collaborators to augment our strengths & accelerate the pace of innovation and commercialization.

What's Happening in NCFlexE

Technology Integration

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  • Sensors
    × Sensors
    • Temprature, gas and biomarker sensor arrays
    • Data analysis, inegration and testing
    Target Applications

    Healthcare,environmental,biomedical and food packaging,medical,process engineering safety.

  • Printed Batteries
    × Printed Batteries
    Printed Batteries
    • Batteries for low-power flexible electronics
    • Thin,flexible,light-weight and in various shapes
    Target Applications

    Wearable electronics, smart packaging and smart card,decor.

  • Thin Film Transistors
    × Thin Film Transistors
    Thin Film Transistors
    • State of the art performance on glass and polymer
    • Essential component of enabler circuitry
    Target Applications

    Active matrix backplane for displays,circuits for smart packaging,wearable electronics,NFC.

  • Organic Photovoltais
    × Organic Photovoltais
    Organic Photovoltais
    • Flexible submodules on metal sheet, plastic and paper
    • High throughput printing process
    Target Applications

    Light weight and flexible solar panels, portable PV device on flexible substrates.

  • Functional Inks
    × Functional Inks
    Functional Inks
    • Metal NP based inks for screen and ink-jet printing
    • High conductivity even at low processing temperatures
    Target Applications

    Smart packaging printed circuit boards,circuit repair.

  • OLED
    × Organic LED
    • High Brightness vaporated OLED stack
    • Printed OLED for low-cost & large area applications
    Target Applications

    Front plane for displays, high brightness OLEO tiles for lighting, printed OLED for signage, decor.

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Technology at NCFlexE

The activities in the Centre are driven by a core group with rich international academic and industry experience comprising faculty members from different departments. A team of more than eighty technical personnel /experts is dedicated in various technology development and product commercialization activities. The areas of activities include development of printable inks, wearables with flexible printed heaters and wearables electronic devices for healthcare, material devices, circuits and integrated systems for various applications, such as, smart packaging, smart taps, displays and lighting, bio medical and other types of sensors, Photovoltaic modules, and electronic security features, Specialized Services. The activities of the Centre are conducted in a dedicated building of 5000 square metre area with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment – from the lab scale to the industry scale. The Centre is actively working with many international, national and local industrial partners for development of innovative products for short term, medium term and long term prospective.

Functional Inks

  • Au & Ag based Inkjet printable functional inks.
  • Viscosity range 3-10cP.
  • Resistivity 105 Ohm cm.
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Printed Batteries

  • Batteries for low-power flexible electronics.
  • Thin, flexible, light-weight and in various shapes.
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  • White Organic Light Emitting Diode (WOLEDs) for lighting.
  • Printed large area displays.
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TFT & Circuits

  • State-of-the-art performance on glass and polymer.
  • Essential component of enabler circuitry.
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  • Application areas: healthcare, environmental monitoring, security.
  • Research focus: sensing mechanisms, transport, reactions, micro/nano fabrication.
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Flexible Photovoltaic Devices

  • Organic solar cell on steel substrate for rooftop application.
  • High efficiency organic solar cell sub-modules on glass and flexible substrate.
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