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National Centre for Flexible Electronics was established in 2014 through a grant from Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) under ESDM scheme of Electronics Policy 2012 of Government of India and support from the Institute (IIT Kanpur). This centre functions as a nodal point in India to bring academia, industry and public research organizations under one umbrella for research and development of large area flexible electronics.
The centre simultaneously support research with the academia and develop products with (and also for) the industry.

What's Happening

The Technology Day Celebration scheduled 11-May-2018 (Venue: L19, LHC). This thematic event, named "Emerging Technologies in Flexible Electronics" is being organized by the National Centre of Flexible Electronics
The detailed program can be found at the following link: https://bit.ly/2wqcIS8

Our Industry Members



Vision and Objectives

Vision: Conduct research and development in large area flexible electronics that serves as a foundation for development of domestic industry in this field.

Objective: Conduct research and development in large area flexible electronics by developing partnership with industry and with a view that potentially leads to manufacturing.

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