Organic Light Emitting Diodes

Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) group at the FlexE Center is developing OLEDs for lighting, signage and display applications. The group has vast experience in the fabrication of evaporated passive matrix OLED displays in the past. Group is also developing evaporated high efficiency large area white OLEDs for lighting. The focus is also on flexible and printable OLEDs with the aim of developing cost competitive products. Flexible OLEDs will lead to a whole range of new applications in wearable, packaging and architectural sectors. Roll-to-roll production which will enable high throughput and low production cost is foreseen.

Current Capabilities

80mm X 80mm White OLED 19mm X 21mm RGB OLED

Passive Matrix Display

Future Expansion

Fabrication facility for roll-to-roll processing on flexible substrate

Target Aplications

- light weight lighting source

- Lamps and decorative panels

- Furniture and building integrated lighting

- Passive and active matrix displays

Vision and Objectives

Vision: Conduct research and development in large area flexible electronics that serves as a foundation for development of domestic industry in this field.

Objective: Conduct research and development in large area flexible electronics by developing partnership with industry and with a view that potentially leads to manufacturing.

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