Industrial Partnership

We seek national and international collaborators to augment our strengths and accelerate the pace of innovation and commercialization.This invitation is to industries engaged or interested in the use or manufacturing of microelectronic devices and those industries engaged in making printed products, chemical synthesis or equipment manufacturing.

Key Benefits

  1. Work along with interdisciplinary FlexE Team which consists of faculty researchers with experience in the area, competent engineers and scientist drawn from all over the world and project staff
  2. Close look at the center's IP.
  3. Access to state-of-the-art processing facilities and infrastructure. Sharing of resources in innovation and towards manufacturability at lower cost of development and risks.
  4. Opportunity for collaborative development of prototypes with partial funding from the center or just learn through project execution and hands-on training before project execution.
  5. Synergistic interaction and networking among Indian and global industries engaged in product development, materials and equipment manufacturing and sharing of road-maps and supporting each other's need to grow together.
  6. Offer of a platform for a meaningful interaction between industry and academia.
  7. Technical assistance to industry during commercialization phase of advanced R&D in flexible electronics.
  8. Participation in the development of global benchmarks and Indian standards for flexible electronic products.
  9. Ready access to trained manpower (students) for hiring.
  10. Possibility of pursuing a higher education degree.
  11. Possibility of placing personnel in IIT K, with access to institute wide laboratories, library, characterization and workshop facilities
  12. Access to institute amenities for the placed personnel commonly available in residential campus (schools, health center, sports facilities etc)

How To Become a Members ?

Members could interact with the Center by two means, by becoming a Partner or an Observer. Interested parties can get in touch with us :


Meant for those who are aware of the developments and business potential of flexible electronics and would like to initiate projects with the goal of commercialization and future benefits. It allows an industry to jointly develop IP and have access to it for future commercialization while still sharing the risk with the FlexE Center. There is also a possibility of joint funding of the projects.

Salient Features

Jointly defines an executes projects with the center. Part of project cost could be met in PPP mode. The extent of public funding for project depends on specific agreement.
Post personnel at IIT Kanpur for execution of project at no additional cost
Specific IP agreement in relation to the project.


Meant for those who would like to explore what flexible electronics is before taking their business decisions. It allows an industry to place its personnel in the FlexE Center and gain practical experience. An observer industry does not have any specific project with the center, access to financial support for industry specific projects or ownership/rights to center's IP. The posted personnel work on existing projects as part of FlexE Team.

Salient Features

Post personnel at the Center for a small fee for hands-on training as part of FlexE Team. The current rate is Rs. 2.5 lakhs per person per annum
No claim on IP

Vision and Objectives

Vision: Conduct research and development in large area flexible electronics that serves as a foundation for development of domestic industry in this field.

Objective: Conduct research and development in large area flexible electronics by developing partnership with industry and with a view that potentially leads to manufacturing.

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